What Do Hippy’s Believe In?

What Do Hippy's Believe in?This is a question quite commonly asked because many people seem to share the misconception that “Hippy” is a religion. As I am sure that you can glean from my use of the word misconception, this is in fact not true! Being a hippy does not limit your belief in any way.
When you don’t quite understand something it is very easy to fill in the blanks with hearsay and nonsense but, we all do it.

Just like any other person in the world, we can believe in whatever we like. Many of us take on a different world view to others however that is our internal beliefs, and not religion or the likes.
Now, when I say what do hippy’s believe in, this is not limited to religion. For example, I believe in trying to make the world a better place for us in our life time and future generations. Be kind and treat others as you would like to be treated. This is nothing but good manners and common sense.

The Original Hippie Movement

The 60’s first saw the rise of the hippie folk and their, what were seen as, odd ways and strange hippy clothing. Anti establishment and anti war, the movement was all about spreading love and peace. Young and old from all walks of life, they would stage peaceful protests against the governments and their non peaceful ways. Giving out flowers at war rallies and staging small music concerts for all to enjoy. Freedom of speech and the freedom to be yourself because very popular because it allowed people to find themselves. It allowed them to fight for something that they believed in and be part of this huge and wonderful thing that started in the USA but spread all around the globe.

Back then free love, drugs and psychedelic music was a big part of the hippy scene along with lots of folk with no jobs. Cue the bad reputation for being lazy freeloaders etc. True for some however once you give something a bad name it tends to stick and people forgot what it was all about. Peace, man!

As times changed the movement died out but the hippies did not. The drugs etc have phased out but the beliefs have not – they still live on in so many of us.

Making Your World


Peace and love is something that you has spread around the world.. Peace, love and kindness toward others is a big part of who we are. We are folk that care and folk that are prepared to do what we can for others. Also, we are outspoken about the way that we see the world and speak out against things like war and hate. Not to mention that we are a loving bunch who cares about the world and work very hard to make it survive. The earth, the animals all of it. We all need each other and so it’s not right just to sit back and do nothing..

What you tend to believe in are the things that resonate within you. Things that feel right. For me it is creating happiness within myself and others around me. When people are happy the world around you feels so much better. When you are happy you want to make others happy and then the love spreads from there, just like a smile.
There are so many ways to create happiness and not just for us humans. If we can make the earth around us happy too then why not. We will benefit from this too!

Have you ever watered a thirsty plant and seen it perk up almost instantly? Can’t you just feel its happiness. Tried growing your own veg? Take away the chemicals and the taste is out of this world – so different to shop bought veg. It is not just the veg that benefits from this, don’t forget about all of the little insects that also feed off of those plants and the soil they are in.

Yes there should be a sense of conformity in the world so that we are all seen as equal however, you make your life, no-one else. Create it how you want it to be. Share it with those you love. Do the job that you want to do and find happiness in the smallest of things.


As mentioned “hippie” is not a religion but some are religious and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
Believe in what you like – pick one, none or pick them all. Be who you want to be! That is the joy of being a hippie – you choose your own path.

Religion is fascinating. It is quite simply amazing the effects that it can have on people. Their frame of mind, happiness and faith in the world can be quite astonishing. I think for the most part, for people religion is a good thing – if you are of a religious mind of course, however as with anything, the extremists give it all a bad name. If we can just look past these idiots and and see the other, genuine real people beneath..

There are many doctrines in the world that people follow and if you dig deep enough, they all seem to overlap in places. There are fundamental differences and the gods are different however, the general idea behind them all is to make the world a better place to be and this is done by the way we behave as human beings. The way that we behave towards each other has a huge impact on life.

My Beliefs

My circle of friends covers most faiths and I take no issue with this. They are not judged because of who their god is. You are who you are and can believe in what you like. For the most part we get to choose who or what we choose to base out faith on.

I cannot speak for anyone else when it comes to belief, religious or otherwise, I can only speak for myself. Me, I do not believe in god. I think that there is a higher power out there but what it is I do not know. Perhaps it is just us at our full potential? Who really knows?!

Meditation--Take away the god aspect and I think all religions have some wonderful takes on life and the way that we should behave. Take Buddhisms loving kindness for example –  the idea is to take care of yourself and others. Once you love and take care of yourself you will be better placed to help others. Be kind to everyone, even if they don’t deserve it and love everyone equally. When we don’t know people, and even when we do, we have no idea is happening in their life. Yes even when life is tough, we should try and be kind and to make the best of our situation however, it just isn’t that simple. Some people need help and as a decent human being we should help where we can. Can you get more hippy than that?!

Peace, love, kindness and taking care of yourself and others are these are all things that I believe. I try so hard to see the good in everyone which can be hard especially with all of the bad things that happen in our world today. In hindsight though, the nastiness is such a small percentage. The good of mankind is out there and it really is something special.

Heck I even believe in faeries… and there are many out there that believe in Sasquatch and Nessie. Who are we to tell them what they should or should believe in?!

Start Today

So my friends, if you take away one thing from this article today then please, take some kindness with you and spread the love.  Not just to people you know but strangers too. You can make a huge impact this way and what a better way to start.

Peace, Love & Light
Nici xx