What Do Hippy’s Do?

What Do Hippy's Do?There seems to be a common misconception across the globe about us hippies. More often than not, folk tend to think of us as lazy layabouts with no jobs or aspirations and think that we take from the government not earning or doing for ourselves. Well, all I can say about that is wrong, wrong and wrong again!!! Ok so there may be a percentage that are like that but that is not just hippy’s now is it. Look at the statistics, it is all people from all walks of life.. Let’s all stop with the stereotypical assumptions shall we and find some answers to the popular question – what do hippy’s do?

The answer to that question is the same as it would be for anyone else – anything that they like. We are just regular humans after all; perhaps a little more colourful than most but just regular beans.  We work, we love and we laugh along with everyone else. Often we laugh at ourselves as we understand that when it comes to clothing it can be a little unconventional but hey, we are happy in what is called “hippy clothing”

Daily Lives

The hippy life really isn’t any different to most other people. Daily life is just daily life, going off and doing our jobs, earning a living. Regular jobs! We know plenty of hippie folk and they work here there and everywhere. We know doctors, nurses, university professors, students,  gardeners, tree surgeons and business owners. Tattoo artists, musicians, folk who work in financial services and teachers. We come from all walks of life  and work hard to get to where we are.

Once work is over some have families that they go home to while others live alone or with friends. We go out, we stay in, we have fun and we relax. We all have responsibilities but who doesn’t in this day and age.

There are some who have a completely different daily life and that is those who live in communes. These guys tend to work the land, grow their own etc and are mostly self sufficient. Sounds great right..We will be covering communes in another article shortly as we are asked about them a lot.

What Defines Us

Our bright and colourful hippie clothes are a big part of who we are as it is just such a wonderful way of expression. We are luckier than most working for ourselves as we get to wear what we want all day long. What we wear doesn’t define us though, our actions do! You can spot us a mile off though because of what we wear but do you know what – we don’t care!
Although we love them it is not all about the clothing – it is about respect. Respect for the people around us, not just those that we know but everyone. Respect for humans and the world that we live in. Animals and all of nature. It all goes hand in hand if you think hard about it. We all need each other and if we cannot realise this, the future becomes rather uncertain.What Do Hippy's Do?

Time is precious but so it the world that we live in. We can all help to make it a better place to live in and help make things better to try and ensure that future generations can have a good life too.
We can’t all afford to give to charities such as Greenpeace and the like but, we can still help. Offer up some of your spare time and volunteer for a worthy cause. Help in a local youth club, local charity shops or anywhere where you think you might be of use. There are so many places online where you can search and see where needs your help.

Well, there you have the short answer to the question – what do hippy’s do? I do hope that this short insight makes folk start to think a little differently about us. We really aren’t stinky, smelly lazy people.

Be kind, be caring and look out for those around you. Spread good karma and you will get good karma back!