Why We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers

Why We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers

Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we adore patchwork hippy clothing and so, we will tell you just why we go potty for patchwork trousers. Firstly there are no limits to the designs that you can have. As most of you well know, us hippy’s embrace uniqueness and love clothing that helps us to show our individuality. Not to mention that patchwork trousers are so much fun to wear! Splashes of colour, doesn’t matter if they clash and opposing designs. Hippy heaven right?!

You and a friend could both be wearing the same style patchwork trousers however, you would both look so different. No two pairs that we have here in our hippy store are ever the same. The joy of handmade clothing means that they really are all different. You may find that the colours are the same and perhaps some of the patterns but the placement will vary which will give them different looks.

Suitable for both male and females, old our young, they really can be worn by everyone. They look great on everyone too.
With patchwork you can go as crazy as you like or you can make some nice subtle blends. We of course have all here as we know that the brighter colours are not quite suitable for all occasions.
I wanted to share with you why we are so potty for patchwork and especially patchwork trousers. They really are awesome and here are just a few examples of what we have to offer you lovely folk.

Brushed Cotton Patchwork Trousers Why We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers - Cotton Patchwork Trousers

These oh comfortable cotton patchwork trousers are one of our newer ranges and just flew right off of the shelves. Made from a soft feel and lightweight cotton to make them perfect for lounging around and lazy days in the sun. Available in a range of sizes and colours, these are some of our more toned down trousers with a nice safe pattern. Perfectly suited for our more conservative hippie friends.
Each pair of trousers has an elasticated waistband to allow for some extra room after all the summer BBQ food 🙂 There is also a drawstring to keep then secure while you are fasting in preparation for the BBQ haha!

Why We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers - Multicoloured Patchwork Om TrousersMulticoloured Patchwork Om Trousers

Om is a world wide sound well known for its relaxation properties and well being promotion. This is a sound that is also used in mediation and yoga. These multicoloured patchwork om trousers are just perfect for both yoga and meditation. They are lightweight and made from 100% cotton which makes them comfortable and breathable. Their bagginess allows lots of room for those yoga movements such as down dog! Each pair is unique and comes with an elasticated waist to allow for varying sizes. They also have 2 pockets so that you can store your essentials.

Colourful Patchwork Harem TrousersWhy We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers - Patchwork-Harem-Trousers

These wonderful patchwork harem trousers are made from a lovely thin patches of cotton which have been stitched together to make these lovely unique trousers. These patch trousers are available in an array of colours and various sizes. Each pair have been handmade and hand dyed in India with great care. The ankles and the waistband are elasticated. The elastic on the ankles makes them very comfortable and, the elastic on the waistband allow for varying sizes. The thin cotton makes these particular trousers very popular in the summertime and  for holidays. Suitable for men and women.

Why We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers - Elephant patchwork Harem Ali Baba TrousersElephant Patchwork Harem Ali Baba Trousers

Now these beauties are one of our most popular styles of our patchwork trousers. We have found that folk go crazy for Elephants especially when they are unique and made into something fun and colourful. Ali baba trousers are super comfortable and perfect for wear all year round. The cotton that has been used to make these Elephant trousers is a nice medium weight cotton which gives them a nice comforting weight to them. These elephant patchwork trousers also have elasticated ankles and elasticated waist bands.  To make these trousers even better (not that they need it) they have 2 pockets, one on each side. Made from 100% cotton.

Thick Cotton Patchwork TrousersWhy We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers - Thick Cotton Patchwork Trousers

Available in 3 different sizes, these thick cotton patchwork trousers are thicker than all of our other trousers. We have been advised that these trousers are perfect for the colder days and are great for hiking. Although they are thicker than our other trousers, they are not lined or anything. They are certainly warmer but they may not keep all of the cold out. Awesome and warm they are but thermal they are not! Originally they were designed with men in mind, only fair as we have so many clothes for women, however although they are primarily purchased and worn by men, us women as most of you know can turn anything into something we can wear 🙂

Each pair has 4 pockets. 2 standard side pockets and then 2 outside pockets which close using buttons.  Not only are the trousers comprised of some great coloured patches, they are also printed with some great hippy patterns.

Well, there you have a small selection of our patchwork trousers. As you can tell, patchwork clothing makes for great hippie clothing and festival clothing. Patchwork allows for individuality as each and every piece is different from the next. Show off who you are and make the world envious.

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