Winter festival clothing is warm, cosy, comfortable and is wonderfully expressive. Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing are very pleased to be able to bring to you the best in winter festival fashion, clothing which is just perfect for men and women looking to brighten up their wardrobe in preparation for the cold and dull days ahead.[product_categories number=”100″ parent=”0″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order”]

Winter Festival Clothing


Winter Festival ClothingWinter is the coldest of the years four seasons and sits between autumn and spring. Winter comes about as the axis of the earth is the furthest away from the sun  (facing away from) at that time of  the year. When it is winter here in the UK (northern hemisphere) it is summer in many other countries (southern hemisphere). It is always winter somewhere. In many countries and regions, winter is associated with very cold weather (although we have it rather mild in the UK compared to many other places) and on occasion snow. During winter it seems many people decide that it is time to start staying inside more and effectively hibernating as it is soo cold.  With our winter festival clothing there is just no need.  We have such a wide range of clothing that is suited for the colder days that you can carry on as usual and still get out and about as normal.. From hats and gloves, to big winter woollies, we can keep almost every part of you nice and warm.Winter Festival Clothing

What is our clothing all about?

All of our hippie clothing is handmade in Nepal, India & Thailand and, as it is all handmade, much of it is unique with no two items being the same. You can remain warm whilst keeping your individuality. Our  festival clothing means that you do not have to wear what everyone else wears and that you can continue to express yourself through your wardrobe. Just because the weather is drab doesn’t mean that you have to be. Tie Dye anyone??

Winter festival Clothing | Winter Landscape