Xmas Gift Ideas for MenChristmas is fast approaching and we now have that dilemma that occurs every year – what on earth do we buy for the hippy’s in our lives?! Fear not lovelies, here at Mystical Mayhem Clothing and Gifts we know just how hard it can be which is why we have made a great effort and have taken the greatest care to ensure that we have an extensive range of fun and funky hippy clothing and hippy gifts for you to choose from. We have something for men of all ages and all walks of life.
Below are a few ideas for you;

Musical Instruments
We have a great range of musical instruments that can be enjoyed by all. Here are some of our favourites;

Tibetan Singling Bowls
small-hand-hammered-brass-mountain-singing-bowl-2These beauties are a wonderful addition to any man’s life. With enough practice, hippy’s will be able to produce some beautiful sounds form these singing bowls all of which have been made in Tibet. Some are machine made and some have been hand beaten. Either way they are all brilliant instruments the sounds of which induce a certain state of Zen.

Thumb Piano’sgroup-thumb-pianos-18-05-2016
Now these take a little bit of getting used to. These are one of those sounds that you will either love or hate however, most love them and once you have seen them you will see why. Available in
many different styles, colours and sizes. Now with each thumb piano, the sounds are different depending on the materials used and the size of the thumb piano. These really are such good fun!

Hippy Massage and Bath OilsMassage and Bath Essential Oils
We all have a male hippy in our lives who loves a nice relaxing bath. These bath oils are just wonderful. Available in many different fragrances for many different uses from relaxing to shaving oil and even muscle ease. Perhaps you could treat them to a nice massage first and then run them a nice warm bath after. Everyone loves a little pampering….A relaxed hippy is a happy hippy.



Hippy Throws
A wonderful addition to any room, well any house really. Our wonderful throws can be used for many things, wall hangings (very popular with the gents), bedspreads and have even been used as picnic blankets. We have colours, designs and sizes to suit everyone. We have many that are popular with the gents however here are a few of what seems to be the favourites;

These pentagram throws are available in different colours and designs.

This wonderful design is available in 3 stunning colours and look awesome!

We have oh so many for you to choose from – chakras, yin and yang, gecko’s, Buddha and so much more…..

These babies not only look great but they serve a purpose too! They are said to catch bad dreams before they get near you. They act as a filter system and only let good dreams through. We have all had bad dreams right?! With many different colours, designs and sizes to choose from, we have some to suit all tastes.

So, that’s some of our gifts covered, albeit only a small amount, and so next up is some of our fabulous hippy clothing which the hippy men in your life will just love.

Wool Jackets

Boy do we have a great selection of hippy wool jackets for you, well for him! If your hippy is more on the conservative side who likes to be  little more toned down that your average hippy then worry not, we have some wonderful natural coloured wool jackets to offer. If your hippy is not so conservative  then we have just what he needs, bright colourful and funky wool jackets.


We have a great range of trousers that are great for all weather.
We have our Bares striped cotton trousers which are some of our most popular trousers. These trousers scream hippy. Worn at home, outside and often on holiday they are the epitome of comfort. We also have some wonderful thick weave trousers which are wonderful for the cooler days. Available in 2 different designs (patchwork and Nepalese Print) and many colours and sizes.


Whether your hippy is a cool dude and like to be bright and bold or weather your hippy likes to err on the smarter side of hippiness then we have a plethora of t-shirts and shirts for them. They will not be disappointed with your choice!


Wool Socks

They say of you have warm feet then the rest of you will be nice and warm – these woollen socks make a perfect hippy stocking filler. Available in many colours and sizes and available in standard size or long.
Head hippy loves these socks and we have lots in the house.

Whatever you choose for your loved hippy’s I am sure that they will just love it.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Folks!