Your Guide to The Green Man FestivalThe Green Man Festival

Green Man festival is one magical party that you won’t want to miss. With incredible scenery and amazing music, this is a festival offering happiness and contentment for all of the family.
Born in 2003 this is a festival which has grown exponentially from a wee party to one heck of an event which packs an awesome reputation. They can boast the rep of being one of the best festivals in Europe however you hear about it.

With no corporate sponsorship, to which I say well bloody done, they rely on patrons and the likes to continue this amazing hippy festival. Support them where you can folks as not only do they run this amazing festival but, check out the Green Man Trust which does some amazing work which above all, that they can be proud of.

One of the most interesting festivals on the scene, Green Man is a veritable feast of music, art, literature and even relaxing spas. However you like to spend your days – what a way to spend a weekend – get your tickets booked and your hippy clothing packed!

We love this festival so much that we thought that we would put together a little guide for you. So, here goes – here is your guide to the Green Man Festival

When and Where

This hippie festival is held mid August every year. The exact dates will of course vary depending on then the weekends fall but it is most definitely in August.
Based in South Wales near a wee town called Crickhowell. You will find the site nestled within the majestical (sorry cannot resist using that word. If you have seen hunt for the wilderpeople you will understand) Breacon Beacons. Surrounded by the Black Mountains will be a stunning backdrop like no other. You can’t beat the beautiful view..As a result, it truly is a treat and a wonderful place to be.


When it comes to entertainment and things to do and see, they have you covered. There are many separate entertainment areas, with something to offer everyone.
You have the Mountains Foot which is where you will find all of the headlining acts. The location turns an otherwise empty space into a natural amphitheatre. Get set for some amazing performances. This is rather a large area and so here you will see a whole manner of folk in their hippie clothing going about their business. In addition to chillaxing and chowing down on the amazing cuisine on offer, there are of course bars with some great beverages on offer.

Do you recall that I mentioned earlier that there is zero corporate sponsorship, this means that instead of having to drink the usual piss water that you find at festivals, you are treated to some wondrous local ales and ciders. How refreshing!n They have culinary delights inspired from all across the globe with ingredients sourced locally. They are all about supporting the local businesses and communities. As should we all be to be honest….

As you would expect from any good hippy gathering, there will also be nightly bonfires. Around said bonfires, visitors can congregate, meet new people, play some tunes and enjoy the rural location.  There are actually 10 different areas for you to explore and you will have a great time doing so


Mountains Foot – as already mentioned this is the heart of the festival where people congregate to chill out. A place to eat, drink and watch some headlining bands.Your Guide to The Green Man Festival

The Walled Garden – a beautiful grassy hideaway when you get the pleasure of watching some amazing up and coming artists. Called the walled garden as flint stone walls surround the area. In the evenings, after dark, the DJ’s commence and the fun continues into the night.

Nature Nurture – a pamper haven! Hot tubs, massages, yoga and a whole array of holistic therapies on offer. There is something here for all of the family. Slow it down a little and feed the body, mind and soul.

Einsteins Garden – this area is something else… powered by hydrogen fuel cells and solar panels you can attend some wicked science demonstrations and even take part in some hands on experiments. If you are interested in science then this is the place for you. Science and live music, I can’t see a reason not to visit.

Somewhere – a place for your teens. Kids from ages 13-17 are welcome for some great workshops and activities. From DJing, for instance, to a pedal powered cinema, this is a place of creativity and relaxation. A place for friendships to form and young love to blossom.

Courtyard – if you like a wee drinky then you most certainly have to visit here.  Located in a Gothic stable block which is home to over 100 drinks from Welsh breweries and orchards.  Crafts beers and cider galore this is most definitely a haven for the grown up folks.

Little Folk – a play of learning and play for your wee babes. From ages little ‘un to 12 you can sit back and relax whilst watching you kids have fun. They will need to be attended at all times however, so this means that you will have to join in on the fun.

Fortune Falls – full of shady glades and tranquil ponds, allow yourself to stay into an area of wonder. Here you will find hidden art and exhibitions along with the Green Man Rising Stage which is a place for new artists to come and have a go at playing a festival. Why not pay it a visit and  enjoy a paddle in the stream with the family.

Babbling Tongues – a barrel of laughs, this is the comedy venue although there are plenty of other things going down. Literature, debates and a wonderful craft beer bar. There is a babblers bazaar where you can stock up on crafts and musical records. Be sure to return after dark for some more adult comedy, in other words, return for some absolute humour.

Far Out – On the Sunday, here you will see the infamous burning of the green man! A sight but to behold. Full of colourful delights and shenanigans there are plenty of late night festival delights with the Chai Wallahs who will keep you dancing way into the sunset.

Pop along to the Festivals Website for more information and the complete line up of Green Man Festival.
This really is a festival not to miss so, ensure that you pack your poncho and other hippie clothes to keep you warm in the evenings and away you go! Have fun and stay safe!