Loopallu Festival

Your Guide to the Loopallu Festival14 years young, the Loopallu festival is a small family friendly festival. Now, just because it is small don’t make any assumptions because you will most likely be wrong.
When the idea was first put on paper, professionals told them that it wouldn’t work for one reason or another. Many years on and boy have they proved them wrong. Loopallu is a festival that is still going strong and will be for many more years to come.

This is a festival that is gaining the reputation as the festival to finish off the summer – when things like this are said, you know it is going to be epic.

We love festivals here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and this is most certainly on our to do list. Unfortunately we have not yet had the time but we have heard such great things. Even though it is small, it is not short of things to do. You can take the kids for whom there is plenty of entertainment and, you can even take granny – there is something for everyone.

When & Where

For hippies who want to kick-off the autumn season in style, there can be no better place than Loopallu.
It usually takes place on the last weekend in September each year.
The where is beautiful – it takes place in the stunning Scottish village of Ullapool. With only 1,500 or so inhabitants it puts out such a wonderful and friendly vibe. The village is nestled in the surrounding beauty of the Scottish Highlands. I absolutely love a festival which is surrounded by a beautiful location.

If possible, take a few extra days either side of the festival and explore – there is plenty to do and see not to mention if you travel by car you can go a little further afield and see what you can find. The Highlands are an amazing area to visit. I may be a little biased being half Scottish and all but hey, it really is stunning!

With is essentially still being summer, you should be graced with good weather although saying that, you will be in Scotland…..With the weather becoming a little unpredictable at this time of year, it’s a good idea to pack warm hippie clothing to keep you snug in the evenings.

The Bands

The line up isn’t usually announced until much closer to the festival so we are unsure yet as to who is playing. I wouldn’t let that stop you getting your tickets though as the past lineups have been fab. Previous years have seen artists such as Paolo Nutini, Mumford & Sons, The Stranglers, Dreadzone, Echo & The Bunnymen just to name a few. There have been so many great bands that you can be sure that there will be again this year.

To Do

Although you will no doubt want to soak up the festival atmosphere at the event’s main site, you will not want to neglect a trip or two to the local pubs and food stalls. You will find fringe events and interesting conversation amongst lots of other entertainment put on just for you festy folk.

You also won’t want to miss out on the beauty of the area, so be sure to pack a good pair of walking boots so you can explore the mountains surrounding the festival.


For those of you who prefer to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars, camping is available. There have been rumours that the festy is like to change sites at some stage in the future which may not have camping facilities. I am sure though there may be other sties locally for you to set up camp. If not though, worry not as the town is also home to a number of pleasant and affordable hotels and B&Bs. They are the perfect places to rest your head between dancing. Need a little break , head back to your accommodation, rest a while and then start again 🙂

Why not take a look at what this year has to offer by visiting the official website – just click here.