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Your Guide To Taking The Ultimate Hippie Road Trip

Ever wanted to do the ultimate hippie road trip? Pack up at a moment’s notice and feel the freedom that only comes with wheels beneath you, wind in your hair, your best friends by your side and the volume on LOUD?

Whether it’s venturing thousands of miles across America’s East Coast or just a few hundred miles along Britain’s South Coast, there’s magic in a hippie road trip not to be found on any other journey.

Here is your guide to creating your own ultimate hippie highway adventure.

The Hippie Wagon

When you were a kid, a road trip may have meant helping Dad to strap a roof rack on top of the Datsun Cherry and heading off to Butlin’s, but as a free spirited hippie, you can travel in so much more style – and individuality. From an unrestored (AKA knackered) VW Bug hand-painted with flowers, to the ultimate in full-blown mobile homes, both the outer shell and the inner sanctum of your road trip ride can let everyone know who’s in town. Search for ‘Hippie Bus’ or ‘Hippie Bus House’ on Pinterest for some great ideas inside and out.


Top tips:

– Choose beautiful throws, tapestries and shawls to liven up the inside of your hippie wagon. The landscape may not always be hip, but your surroundings always will be

– Take a Polaroid and keep a record of your favourite moments by tacking them to the dashboard, building a moment map to go along with your A-Z

– Let’s face it, you probably won’t be getting the bus valeted along the way. Take some essential oils with you to keep things fragrant. Plus they double up as a calming or refreshing rub for your dreads!



As with the essential oils, there are lots of great ideas for multi purpose packing. True road trip freedom is all about travelling light, shedding the things that tie you to down to every day life and making a spur-of-the-moment leap into the horizon unfettered by dress codes and sensible shoes. Plus, travelling light is actually beneficial for the environment – the lighter you travel, the less your carbon footprint will be.

So, focus on taking items with you that can serve a dual purpose. The throws that you’re using as a mood boost inside your car can be your blanket for an impromptu picnic or a makeshift wind shelter on the beach.

When it comes to clothes, ponchos have lots of uses in all kinds of weather. Cashmillon clothing is warm but airy meaning that you don’t necessarily have to pack for different climes, reducing your portable wardrobe by half. And with so many gorgeous hippie pants, skirts, shirts and dresses made in beautiful silk, you can absolutely take more than just the shirt on your back and still travel light.


The Destination

If you don’t have your own holiday home on wheels, there are plenty of other places to visit and spend some quality time outdoors reconnecting with the real you, mother nature and the cosmos at large without having to stay in a Travelodge.

Obviously, being at Stone Henge during the summer solstice is going to be up there. But a quick Google search will throw up lots of venues that offer yurts, glamping, and even woodland carving courses under the stars throughout the UK. Try Crafty Camping for ‘a luxury and peaceful experience with a difference’. Or check out Canopy & Stars who want you to have a great holiday, as well as encouraging you to hug a tree.


The Tunes!

With the trivialities sorted, it’s finally time to turn attention to the singularly most important part of your journey – the tunage! Where to start? And who gets to call shotgun on what is played? Do you take it in turns or establish some form of hierarchy based on who’s driving?

To avoid all that, we’ve compiled a list of classics here for you that no self respecting hippie odyssey would dare omit.


–          White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

–          Eight Miles High – The Byrds

–          Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

–          The End – The Doors

–          Almost Cut My Hair – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

–          Freedom – Richie Havens

–          Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin

–          The Four Horsemen – Aphrodite’s Child

–          Three Little Birds – Bob Marley and the Wailers

–          What a Beautiful Day – The Levellers


Think we’ve missed an obvious one? Let us know and we might post a longer playlist based on your suggestions. Until then, peace out and happy, hippie travels!